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When it comes to buying gear for the slopes, it’s safe to say that I’m a research fanatic. I don’t rest until I’ve found the perfect piece of snowboard gear that’ll help me do exactly what I want to on the slopes (ride hard and fast), and for a great price at that.

In my books, having the right equipment is just as important as having perfect conditions if you want to have a good time. Click Here to read about the Dream Snowboarding holiday.

When it comes to research, here are a few resources and tips I’ve found useful that I thought I’d share with you.  These are my 5 best places to research snowboard gear.


If you want a better snowboarding experience, these are 6 must-have snowboarding accessories that will enhance your experience.  They are 6 things that you’ll always see me wearing/carrying when I’m shredding, because they keep me warmer, help my performance, and let me stay out longer. Take a quick look through the list to see if you’re missing out on a piece- and if so, I highly recommend you equip yourself with it for your next trip. NOTE: if you’re wondering why things like helmets, jackets and gloves aren’t included, that’s because they’re essential.  Safety.  Duh.