Stop Putting Your Board On Your Back Foot

RideEasy Line: Portable snowboard footrest and board lock
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Never Have A Sore Foot Again

RideEasy Line transfers the weight of your board to the chairlift. As you go up the mountain, you won’t have to worry about supporting you snowboard anymore, but you’ll have that time to relax and prepare for the ride down.

Stop Worrying About Your Board At Lunch

RideEasy Line installs onto your binding so it’s always with you and ready to be used. You can leave your board safely locked, wherever you go.

How It Works

Happy Customers

“The weight of the hanging board has always been a issue with snowboarding. You put your board on the toe box of the boot and you get scuffed up, cut boots. If you’ve got a system that can allow you to relax your legs, well that’s awesome!”

Brian, Snowboard Store Manager, Australia

“Definitely save your ankle by the end of the day. The other advantage of being able to secure your board while you’re going to lunch – fantastic!”

Joe, Snowboarder, Australia

My Life Has Changed


What if you forget to unhook the RideEasy Line from the chairlift?

We spent 9 months working on the shape of the hook so that it only stays on the safety bar when there is weight on it. Taking the hook off is as easy as lifting your foot and then flicking it off. It literally takes a split second. If you don’t believe me, check out it out here:

How much weight can RideEasy Line take? Is it easy to break?

We’ve tested RideEasy Line to carry 130lbs (60kg). With an average snowboard setup (board, binding and boots) weighing in at 18lbs (8kg), we’ve built in an ample buffer for you to rest your leg on without any problems. The RideEasy Line will be able to withstand the strain you put on it while kicking on the chairlift. Check out the video to look at our strength testing!

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