How it Works

The Ultimate Hook

Never Lose It

Your Ride Easy Line is always attached to your boot via the ankle strap.

Easy to Handle

You only need one gloved hand to pull the retractable hook up, or take it off.

Lets the Lift Carry You

Once attached, the line will take the weight of the board off your foot, so you can chill 🙂

The Ride Easy Line will be delivered in limited quantity for the season  By signing up, you’ll have access to our discounted private beta sale!

The public will only have access to the Ride Easy Line in late 2018

The Ultimate Lock

Protect your Board

The steel cable lock secures your board to any rack to prevent theft.

Hassle Free Locking

The combination lock is easy to use with gloves on.  No messing around with keys!

Carry it Everywhere

Weighing less than 100g, you won't even notice the Ride Easy as you snowboard.

Pre-Order and Save

Be one of the first people to get the Ride Easy Line and save 20% off our retail price.

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